New Fight

Pick a fight with an inactive monster.  Once this is done, the monster will appear in the battle option for others to attack as well.


Attack an active monster.  This allows groups of people to fight the same monster killing things that they could not on their own.


Target another player for combat.  You can also use this feature just to check another player's current life total.


Travel North, South, East, West, Up, and Down.  This allows you to change your player's location and explore new areas.


Skills are an additional way for a character to build power. In order to train skills you must divert a certain percentage of your experience toward them. Although skill increases are random, your chances of having a skill increase is proportional to the amount of experience diverted. We do not provide detailed information on skills; it is up to the player to determine their true effects. We offer the "/stat" and "/relic" commands (see Chat Shortcuts below) to help player in determining their effects, however, only some of the skills affect stats directly.


Warp to a new area or dimension.  The distance you can teleport depends on your Intelligence.

Set Sail

Travel from one port to another via boat.  The price of the trip will depend on the distance between the ports.


Acquire new items.  This allows you to upgrade your arsenal and become a more powerful player.


Trade your items for money.  You will receive 50% of the value of your items when you sell them. You cannot sell enchanted items, they can only be destroyed.


This feature is used to destroy enchanted will only receive one gold for these items since they are considered cursed by vendors. If you accidentally destroy an uncursed item it will default to sell and give you the proper amount of gold.


Put your items on your body for use in battle.  You must equip your items in order to have them take effect in battle.


Crafting gives you the ability to create items far superior to store bought items at a fraction of the price for both yourself and others. Initially crafting items will cost exactly one half store cost and will sell back for the same amount, however, making very high level items that are not normally available in the game will require the use of expensive runes and will not be resellable. In theory you could raise your crafting to a very high level without spending a dime, however, failures in craft attempts are bound to cost you in the long run. The chance of succeeding a craft attempt is dependant on the crafting skills associated with that item, and likewise so is the chance of improving those crafting skills. Making harder items will result in more failures, however, they will also give you a greater chance of increasing in skill when you do succeed. Eventually some items may become trivial for you to create and will no longer result in a chance to increase skills and you will receive a message telling you so.


This feature allows players to add/remove relics from items. The cost of doing so is 1 or 2 runes so you must be in your own kingdom to do any chanting. The difficulty of chanting depends solely on the item being chanted, not the relic.

Give Gold

Give gold to the target player. Using the shift key you can select multiple people to give gold to at once.

Give Kingdom

Give the kingdom you are currently in (granted you are the king) to the selected target.


Propose a safe trade to someone.  They will either accept or reject your item and price.  If they accept the transaction will take place automatically, you do not have to rely on them to pay you.

View Tops

See a list of the top ranking players.  You have the option of seeing the top 250 of all players, or the top 100 of each individual race.


Chat Size

This determines the amount of text lines in your chat display box.  Although it is called your "chat" box, other important information such as fight details are found in this area.

Relic Display

Verbose - When your relics shimmer it tells you in detail what has occurred.  This option should be used when testing relics and their effects.

Brief - You are only notified as to whether or not your relics have taken effect.  This option should be used to cut down of chat lines that your fight actions take up.  This does not affect the actual effects of your relics, just what you see.

Graphic Window Update

Automatic - Your graphic window automatically changes to display the map when you move, your enemy when starting a fight, etc.

Manual - You will have to manually change your graphic window mode when you want to see your face, target, inventory, or map.

Auction/Emote/Shout Text

This allows players to toggle Auction, Shout, and Emote text. Note: Disabling any or all of these can increase game speed by reducing lag. You can still send text from NCL (no chat land) with them disabled but you cannot receive it.

Button Enlargement

This allows to enlarge the button of a given statistic making it easier to click it while leveling.

Preferred Blessing/Approbation

When slaying certain special beasts and completing some quests, players sometimes have actual body parts or items enchanted. This will allow you to pre-select the enchantment of choice. Failure to do this may mean getting the wrong enchantment permanently.

War Message Filtering

This can disable the yellow war messages.

Kingdom Actions


If no one owns the land you are currently on, you may claim it for yourself becoming the king.

Bribe/Pay Serfs

Players can bribe or pay the serfs in the kingdom in order to sway their likelihood of instigating a coup. Bribing the serfs lowers morale, hurting the kingdom's stability and paying the serfs increases morale. It is considerably more difficult to lower morale than it is to increase it in this fashion.

Incite Coup

If the morale of the peasants is low enough you may incite a coup, an attempt to overthrow the kingdom via peasant rebellion.  You may only do this once an hour, however.


All kingdoms start out with the weakest guard possible.  By hiring a better guard you lower the chances of him being killed which is catastrophic for the morale of your peasants.  Guards are permanent and are revived once an hour if killed.


The tax is the percentage of money from each kill that goes into the kingdom's treasury.  Only the king can manipulate this setting.


This allows a king to purchase a rune for his kingdom. For more information on runes see the Info page.

Buy Food

Kings use this feature to purchase food to feed their peasants.


Kings use this feature to withdraw funds from the kingdom's treasury.


Kings use this feature to add funds to the kingdom's treasury, however this can only be done 5 times per 24 hours.

Build Army

Kings may use this feature to build up an army with which they can both attack and defend.


Fortifications are erected by kings as a means of kingdom defense.  They can be built on the North, South, East, and West borders of your kingdom.

Wage War

This feature allows you to attack adjacent (and nonadjacent when using Trebuchets) enemy kingdoms.  Choose your enemies wisely, however.  War is very costly and not always beneficial.

Blind Charge

Some special quest items give you the ability to attack more than one kingdom at a time, plowing through your target kingdom into the kingdoms that follow. Blind War differs from Wage War in that it does not check to make sure the king of the kingdoms that follow is the same as the king of the initial target kingdom. It does, however, still prevent you from attacking yourself which means you can blind charge through your own kingdoms to do damage to further enemy kingdoms if desired. When attacking X amount of kingdoms you take 1/X the normal amount of damage in each kingdom.


This feature allows kings to move their army and guards to and from their adjacent kingdoms.  You can only perform this action once per hour for each unit type.

Chat Actions


Shouting sends your message to everyone currently playing the game no matter their location.  Only use this feature when you intend to speak to the entire gaming population; use private messages (click player names to send privates messages) and KINGDOM chatting for personal conversations or hunts.  You may NOT attempt to sell items or advertise items with SHOUT.  You will be muted if you do this.


Kingdom messages are heard only by the players currently in your zone (i.e. at the same location as you).  This type of message mode is preferred, and you should encourage other players to use kingdom chat instead of shouting when applicable.


Auctions are heard by everyone currently playing the game.  They are also colored green so they are discernable among the other messages.  Players are limited to 4 auctions per hour.  You may NOT attempt to sell or advertise items with SHOUT.  You will be muted if you do this.

Chat Shortcuts


Automatically opens the help site.


Displays a list of topics you can get further info on.


Opens the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Quickness. This is command was phased out when /bb was added because it did basically the same thing but was only available for some of the first inquest winners.
Lists the beasts you've killed that month.
Beast Bane. Using this command requires the Beast Bane item which is only available through purchase. It will teleport you within one kingdom of the last spawned beast.
Beast Noobane. Teleports even surface noobs to the last surface beast with a tiny delay.
Occasionally a beast will go dormant and remain in a kingdom but not be on the battle list. This command will find and revive any such beast but can only be used if there has not been any beast activity for an hour in that kingdom.
/pe 123,Sky,012
Public Embezzle. This is a complicated feature that requires you to be standing in a kingdom with full treasury and specify a kingdom owned by the same king that has a public embezzle amount set (using /pea). This will automatically embezzle and send that specified amount of gold to the target kingdom's treasury. If this would cause the treasury to exceed 2 billion then 1 billion of the treasury is automatically used to purchase a rune. This method allows kings to have other players run through their plexes and easily embezzle a specified amount of gold from their kingdoms. Note that using this method there is never a need to use a well rounded number for collection, you can specify the exact amount of gold you would be able to make back in 24 or 48 hours making each point in kingmanship count. *CHANGE* Only the actual kingdom owner can do this now.
This sets the Public Embezzle Amount for the kingdom you are standing in. You may set this value to 0 in order to disallow public embezzling to this kingdom. Note that this value is set to 0 whenever a kingdom changes hands. Only players with the Scepter of Delegation can modify this value.
/br 123,Sky,012
Buy runes in a distant kingdom.
/sr 123,Sky,012
Single rune purchase in distant kingdom.
/p character
View that character's linked picture.
/s character
View that character's linked swimsuit picture.
View how many Sexy! votes you have received for your swimsuit picture.

Alchemize 1 rune into 1,000,000,000 gold, requires Scepter of Unending Repulsion.


Newbie version of Alchemize which converts 1 rune into 999,999,999 gold.


Toggles between triviality filters.


Discards your trivial gold. This is a dangerous command that should be used with caution. If you have under 1 billion gold you will go down to 0 gold. If you have over, you will go down to 1 billion gold.

/da 123,Sky,012

Alchemize 2 runes into 2,000,000,000 gold, requires Harbinger's Scepter of Oppression. Using /da alone assumes current kingdom.

/sa 123,Sky,012

Alchemize 1 rune into 1 billion gold, requires Harbringer's Scepter of Oppression, DaD and DsD. Using /sa alone assumes current kingdom.


Adds 250 million to all fortifications at no cost, however, it requires you have a pure Free Fortify relic in your inventory which has a small and very random chance of breaking with every use.


Repairs damage to your fortifications as much as possible with your existing gold without any waste.


Repairs damage to your armies as much as possible with your existing gold without any waste.


Enrages your armies to do double damage. Costs 10 runes.


Adds 10 runes to whatever kingdom you are in with a 1 in 5 chance of burning an EEoT.

Buys as much food as possible with your existing gold without any waste.
Repairs and buys as much food as possible without any waste.

Returns the time in Race War Kingdom units.


Opens the announcements page automatically.

/ignore character

Adds character to your ignore list until you relog.


Outputs your inventory in chat so you can copy and paste it on webpages and the like.


Outputs your equipment in chat so you can copy and paste it on social media to help attract females.


Shows you all your skill proficiencies as affected by equipped relics.


Shows your raw skills without any bonuses due to items.


Shows you your stats modified only by relics.


Shows you your stats modified by all your relics, items, special abilities, and skills.

/trades or /crafts

Shows you your tradeskill proficiencies.

/add character

Add the character to your hotlist for trading purposes.

/m character: message

Sends a private message to another player.  This is much more easily accomplished by clicking on the players name.

/a message

This is merely a shortcut for making auctions.  All the same rules apply.

/e message

Rather than displaying a normal message, this will display your message as an emote and will appear in italics.

/z Race:Sex

Templars have a special ability allowing them to morph into another Race, keeping all the positive aspects of being a Templar such as double leveling speed, hidden location, and increased skill advancement, but acquiring the statistical and physical characteristics of their chosen race. YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE so don't mess with this feature until you are sure you have chosen the Race and Sex that you want to keep. You will not be able to change again unless you re-purchase the Templar upgrade. Misleading other players into wrongly using this feature will get you banned immediately. You have been warned! To view the stats of all the races type /help while in the game and click "Choosing a Race".

/ins character
For the cost of 1 million gold you can see 1 random item in another player's inventory granted you are in the same kingdom.
Disables battle text to help from getting spammed while nuking or defending a plex.
/drive c
This no longer works on modern browsers. The optional command allows you to select a hard drive letter that you store your graphics on. For example it will automatically look for graphics in c:\rwk\ if you specify c. This is helpful for those who want to use skins or simply want faster gameplay. Simply type /drive without specifying a letter to undo the changes.
Displays an info page about girlfriends.
Displays your girlfriend photo album and current girlfriend points.
/gf character
Displays the character's girlfriend photo album and current girlfriend points.
/dump accountkey
Starts the girlfriend process over from scratch, removing all girlfriends and points. You must enter your account key to prove you're not only the owner of the account but that you seriously want to do such a crazy thing.
Checks to see if a kingdom can sustain itself.
Shows number of Forge KDs you have settled over your character's lifetime.
Lists all your approbations.
/lock & /unlock
Toggles whether or not new buttons are added to your chat action quickslots.
Toggles whether or not your browser will warn you when you leave the web page.
Wipes chat.
/disable or /enable
Disables or enables the client preventing you form doing an action before the purple delay bar expires. Can be helpful to those with high pings. More info when used.

Hot Keys


Removes focus from chat textfield so you can use Hot Keys.

Enter or /

Returns focus to chat textfield so you can chat.

Move around map.
[ or ]
Change planes.
Beast Bane. Using this command requires the Beast Bane item which is only available through purchase. It will teleport you within one kingdom of the last spawned beast.
Beast Noobane. Teleports even surface noobs to the last surface beast with a tiny delay.
Asks the Shrine Keeper to track.
Melee attack.
Fight last creature again.
Train Button Enlargement stat.
Use any of your three previous quick chat shortcut keys.
Submits your current selected action from the general action menus.
Submits your current selected action from the kingdom action menus.
Plays or calls poker.
Folds poker hand.

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